RTT #04 — Quick docker run(s)

Local Docker Registry

docker run -d
-p $PORT_ON_HOST:5000 \
--restart=always \
--name local-docker-registry \
-v $PATH_TO_DIR_ON_HOST:/var/lib/registry \

Hi! Welcome to my third RTT (“Random Tech Tips”) — a series (updated sporadically, when some things come up and I feel like I would totally need that stuff for future reference) for various mini-guides in IT (and other computer things like coding, data science, etc.) that teaches you how to achieve certain things in a day-to-day of a constantly learning IT person. More than anyone the content of this series will be useful to me, who, given the nature of my day-job, will inevitably go through these sort of things repeatedly in the course of my career. But I hope it will help you achieve that certain thing too if that’s what you’re here for.



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