RTT #04 — Setting Static IP Address on Ubuntu 18.04LTS Desktop with NetworkManager

I am no network expert. In fact, it might just be my worse subject at school. But rest assured, I’m working on that (or will be working on it). I’m used to setting static IP addresses using netplan with networkd on virtual machines running on bridge mode, but it just so happens that for my most recent use case, I can’t run whatever I’m planning to run from a VM. It must be on the host directly. Ubuntu 18.04LTS Desktop on an Alienware 15 runs NetworkManager by default and not networkd.

I panicked. Luckily, I have my good friend CJY to help me out — and the solution was pretty basic you might laugh at me how obvious it is. But as I’ve said, I was a pretty lousy student.

The Solution

  1. Open up “Network Settings”.

2. Click on the gear icon next to the network you are connected to.

3. On the “IPv4” tab, set “Addresses” to your desired configurations, and “DNS” to .

Now, disconnect and reconnect to the network. You will see that your IP address as as desired. You can check it with ip a .


There you have it — a super simple way to set static IP using NetworkManager.

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